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Roll, Write, and Hack your Way into Sci-Fi Adventure with “Luddite” on Kickstarter

Roll, Write, and Hack your Way into Sci-Fi Adventure with “Luddite” on Kickstarter

“Luddite,” a roll-and-write campaign game set in a dark, dystopian, Sci-Fi future, launched on Kickstarter yesterday. The game comes with an innovative, fully integrated graphic novel and an intriguing premise that makes it stand out in the world of tabletop gaming.

The campaign has already gained significant traction, with $5,345 pledged towards the $14,165 goal, and 139 backers on board within a few days of its launch. Prospective backers still have plenty of time to join in, with 24 days remaining before the campaign ends on August 5.

“Luddite” allows players to take on the role of digital saboteurs, wreaking havoc on AI systems, specifically the Near-Earth Dynamic (NED) Systems’ automata. These bionic dog-like creatures, capable of complex tasks, have replaced large parts of the human workforce, leading to the uprising of the Luddites, who seek to destroy these mechanized menaces.

The gameplay involves rolling 3 D6 hacking dice and using their results to interact with different modules of the NED. Each round, one die must be applied to the clock module. When time runs out, the game ends, creating a gripping push-your-luck tension as players navigate how far into the NED’s systems they dare to venture before the clock runs out.

Designed for solo play or with an unlimited number of other players, “Luddite” offers multiple maps and an evolving complexity. Players can choose to engage in individual games or immerse themselves in an extensive campaign that follows the narrative of the accompanying graphic novel.

Adam Beachey, a seasoned artist, is responsible for the artwork in “Luddite”. Beachey has brought his vast experience to bear in creating a stunning array of unique pieces within the game’s expansive Sci-Fi universe.

For as little as $5, backers can own a piece of this exciting, innovative game and contribute to its journey towards full production. The game’s creators have also released playthrough videos for prospective backers to preview gameplay before they pledge their support.

For further details and to back this project, visit the “Luddite” page on Kickstarter.