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The Lucky Seven: A Tactical Solitaire Game on Indiegogo

The Lucky Seven: A Tactical Solitaire Game on Indiegogo

The Lucky Seven, a tactical solitaire game set in an unknown conflict of the 20th century is now on Indiegogo. With six days left of the campaign, the game has raised over $20,000 from a $5,000 goal with over 1000 backers.

In The Lucky Seven, players take on the role of a squad on patrol in a warzone, where they must neutralize randomly placed threat cards to keep the situation under control. The game is designed to be affordable and compact, with a tuck box containing 52 professionally printed cards, including eight squad members with unique double-sided art, 28 threats, 10 map cards, two reference cards, and four mission cards.

The game was designed by Zach Barth, who made both solitaire and tactics games while working at Zachtronics, and features art by Jonathan Stroh, who also worked on games at Zachtronics and drew the illustrations for the Fortune’s Foundation tarot deck. The Lucky Seven is a product of Coincidence, a Washington-based cooperative game studio.

“We were sent on patrol. The squad was depleted, morale in the pits. Then one of our guys exploded. Ambush. Surrounded. Our lucky day. We tried to hold them off and radioed for evac, but the helicopter wouldn’t come unless the landing zone was clear. We had to hold out. We had to survive…” This is the tagline of the game, which promises to keep players on the edge of their seats.

The game is different every time you play and requires players to look ahead and make the most of their options. While it does not include printed instructions, the rules are available on the game’s website, and there is a card with a QR code to access them.