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Unleashing Creativity with Celtic Animal Knot Dice, Now Live on Kickstarter

Unleashing Creativity with Celtic Animal Knot Dice, Now Live on Kickstarter

The Celtic Animal Knot Dice Kickstarter campaign is gaining remarkable momentum. The campaign, which aims to produce beautiful dice that connect in a Celtic knot pattern, has already garnered an impressive $38,693 in pledges, overwhelmingly surpassing its initial $5,000 goal. As it stands, 542 backers have pledged their support with 13 days still to go before the campaign ends on June 30th.

At the heart of this project are three new designs of the eye-catching Knot Dice, featuring intricate animal motifs in multiple colors. Apart from adding a touch of Celtic charm to any gaming scenario, these dice allow players to create stunning Celtic knots while engaging in various games and puzzles. Whether used as a meditation aid, a captivating desk toy, or an engaging cooperative game, these dice promise an experience that transcends the typical dice-rolling affair.

Those already familiar with the original Knot Dice will be pleased to know that the new six-sided dice (D6) can either be used standalone or added to the original Knot Dice set. The new dice boast animal motifs on two faces, pips all around, and the same hefty weight and continuous line design that fans have come to love. Plus, these 20mm dice are larger than the typical 16mm size, adding to their allure.

Also introduced are new four-sided and eight-sided dice (D4 & D8), which interconnect on their triangular faces. In keeping with the aesthetic, the size of the eight-sided die is larger than usual to match the size of the four-sided dice faces.

Once the campaign ends, backers will have the chance to choose their preferred dice colors and animal designs on the six-sided dice through the pledge manager.

But the fun doesn’t stop with rolling the dice. The Kickstarter campaign promises a range of engaging games and puzzles designed specifically for the Celtic Animal Knot Dice. One highlight is the new version of the cooperative Knot Dice game, Kells, which requires at least 18 six-sided dice. The game challenges players to complete a design using rolled dice, achieving various goals, and even matching up the animal paths.