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Kobold Press Launches Tales of the Valiant RPG on Kickstarter: A Bold New Spin on 5th Edition Roleplaying

Kobold Press Launches Tales of the Valiant RPG on Kickstarter: A Bold New Spin on 5th Edition Roleplaying

Kobold Press, known for its innovation in the world of tabletop roleplaying games, has launched a Kickstarter for their new role-playing game, Tales of the Valiant (ToV). This exciting project combines the time-honored tradition of 5th Edition high fantasy games with Kobold Press’s unique creative vision.

“Tales of the Valiant keeps all the best of 5E D&D and adds a Kobold Press spin to the well-loved game,” the creators stated on their Kickstarter page. “It combines the Creative Commons foundation of 5th Edition with new elements to create a powerful Kobold-style 5E with teeth.”

The ToV game includes a variety of new 5E options that broaden gameplay and diversify player choices. Classic characters such as fighters, wizards, rogues, dwarves, and elves, feature prominently in ToV. However, the game also introduces novel aspects such as the Mechanist class, kobold, outsider, and beastkin character lineages.

One of the highlights for Kickstarter backers is early access to exclusive playtest packets. These packets offer new classes and creatures unavailable to the general public until later.

Tales of the Valiant emphasizes the ability to create and share in the expansive 5E global community, thanks to its foundation on the Creative Commons and Open Roleplaying Content licenses. “Tales of the Valiant is built so the core rules are available for everyone to expand on,” says Kobold Press.

In terms of compatibility, ToV maintains a close relationship with the tradition of 5E, allowing players to integrate any 5E adventure with creatures and spells from Tales of the Valiant.

Interested players can gain insight into the upcoming game via the Tales of the Valiant website and the 64-page preview PDF, which details lineages and heritages, classes, subclasses, spellcasting rules, and monster previews.

The Tales of the Valiant Player’s Guide offers a comprehensive resource for creating legendary heroes and running games. Simultaneously, the Monster Vault is an expansive compendium of creatures of high fantasy, ranging from familiar orcs and red dragons to all-new foes like star crows, husk demons, and mechadrons original to Tales of the Valiant.

Kobold Press promises many more details on both the Monster Vault and Player’s Guide in future updates. In the words of Kobold Press, “Tales of the Valiant strengthens those mechanics and enriches their story potential, to make your next campaign your best campaign!” With this exciting launch, the world of high fantasy gaming awaits an adventurous new chapter.