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Doctor Who Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Two New Roleplaying Game Books from Cubicle 7

Doctor Who Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Two New Roleplaying Game Books from Cubicle 7

Cubicle 7 has revealed plans to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of Doctor Who with the release of two special edition roleplaying game (RPG) books. The iconic science fiction series first hit screens in November 1963 and has since amassed a dedicated fanbase eager to embark on new adventures across time and space.

Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure, the twin volumes, will transport fans back to the series’ origins and relive the timeless exploits of everyone’s favorite Time Lord. Readers will join the Doctor as they travel to distant planets, journey into Earth’s past and future, and engage in titanic battles with familiar foes such as the Daleks and Cybermen.

These commemorative RPG books serve as treasure troves of information and inspiration for Gamemasters, players, and ardent Doctor Who fans. They encapsulate six decades of extraordinary adventures, bringing together key moments from the series’ rich history.

In a unique twist, each Doctor, from the First Doctor to the Fugitive Doctor, is spotlighted with a new adventure. These narratives weave together intricately, creating an expansive multi-Doctor storyline that stretches across millennia.

The first volume will focus on the exploits of the First to the Eighth Doctor, tracing their journeys and battles through time. The second volume will delve into the adventures of the War Doctor, running through the storyline up to the reveal of the Fugitive Doctor and beyond.

Cubicle 7 promises an immersive experience that captures the essence of the longest-running science fiction television series. With these special anniversary editions, players will be able to dive deeper into the fascinating universe of Doctor Who, embodying their favorite characters and traversing through time in the TARDIS.

Details on preorders for Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure will be available soon. Fans are encouraged to keep an eye on Cubicle 7’s official channels for more information about these highly anticipated RPG books.

In the meantime, it’s time to prepare for a fantastic voyage celebrating six decades of gripping, timeless adventures with the Doctor. The TARDIS is ready. Are you?