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Experience Epic Battles and Deep Lore with Mike Hutchinson’s Hobgoblin: The Fast-Paced Fantasy Wargame

Experience Epic Battles and Deep Lore with Mike Hutchinson’s Hobgoblin: The Fast-Paced Fantasy Wargame

Electi Studio’s latest Kickstarter campaign for Mike Hutchinson’s Hobgoblin has already surpassed its goal of $12,400, with over $16,500 raised and 28 days left to go. The campaign, which ends on May 17, offers backers a chance to get their hands on the latest tabletop miniatures wargame from the designer of the popular GASLANDS game.

Hobgoblin is set in the underground world of The Rotvärlden and features simple and adaptable rules, allowing players to collect and field any fantasy army they can imagine. The game encourages players to let their imaginations run wild as they battle alongside cavern fortresses and underground oceans, with battles lasting under two hours.

The game’s unique gameplay features a rock-paper-scissors relationship of unit types, ensuring no unit is ever master of the battlefield. This, along with simple and consistent stats and combat rules, allows for super-fast battles that can be scaled up to truly massive battles without exponentially increasing game-time or the brain-space needed to play.

Hobgoblin provides an intuitive system for players to build their own unique factions and army lists, meaning whatever models players choose to build and paint, they can build their army’s rules to match their playstyle. The game features over 30 keywords and 9 unique spell books, allowing players to create truly unique units.

The game’s deep lore invites players to explore The Rotvärlden, an endlessly expanding underground world split into four major regions, each with its own unique dangers and inhabitants. The Hobgoblin rulebook includes all the rules and mechanics needed to play, including unit building, combat, and other gameplay elements.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign can receive a copy of the rulebook, miniatures, and other exclusive rewards, including the chance to have their name featured in the game’s credits. The campaign also offers a free Quick-Start Guide for players to try the game themselves.