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Kraken 3D Studios’ Kickstarter Campaign “Riders of the Highway” Achieves Funding Goal

Kraken 3D Studios’ Kickstarter Campaign “Riders of the Highway” Achieves Funding Goal

Kraken 3D Studios recently initiated a Kickstarter campaign titled “Riders of the Highway,” aimed at providing the tabletop gaming community with a new array of 3D-printable miniatures, vehicles, and terrain for RPGs, wargames, and board games. Designed for 28-31 mm scales, the project has successfully reached its funding goal, amassing $14,856 from 254 backers, surpassing the initial target of $10,836 with 19 days remaining until its conclusion on March 20.

This expansion is part of the “Kraken Apocalypse Dawn” series and introduces modular roads, a variety of vehicles, numerous props, and character sets. These components are intended to recreate the atmosphere of a world post-catastrophe, where survivors navigate through dangers on the highways, avoiding infected adversaries.

With an emphasis on modular design, “Riders of the Highway” includes detailed road segments and environmental variations that allow for customizable gaming setups. The product range features highway modules, tollbooths, and crossroads, all crafted to enhance gameplay with accurate scale and proportionality for tabletop environments.

The campaign also highlights a collection of character miniatures, showcasing biker survivors and a new iteration of infected figures styled as “classic zombies.” These miniatures are pre-supported for 3D printing, tested on a variety of machines to ensure compatibility and ease of use.

An array of vehicles is introduced, underscored by the campaign’s addition of cars equipped for survival, featuring detailed design and a system for interchangeable luggage, allowing for a high degree of customization. These vehicles are optimized for 3D printing and include classic and contemporary models designed to complement the game’s post-apocalyptic theme.

Kraken 3D Studios is committed to supporting backers in the 3D printing process, offering detailed assembly manuals and guides for constructing the gaming environment. The campaign underscores the studio’s dedication to creating content that is accessible and easy to assemble, catering to the needs of the tabletop gaming community.

As the “Riders of the Highway” campaign progresses, Kraken 3D Studios continues to unveil stretch goals and updates, maintaining engagement with backers and providing a comprehensive expansion that enriches tabletop gaming with post-apocalyptic narratives and settings.