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Games Workshop Previews Jade Obelisk for Warcry

Games Workshop Previews Jade Obelisk for Warcry

The other half of the new Warcry box set, the side that’s not the dinosaurs, is the Jade Obelisk. What’s this enigmatic group’s history? What sort of special abilities do they have What do they bring to the table? That’s what we get a preview of in this article.

From the article:

The latest boxed expansion for Warcry is nearly here. Sundered Fate pits the Seraphon guardians who stalk the overgrown wreckage of the void-ship Talaxis against invading idolators. 

We’ve already seen how the Chameleon Skinks of the Hunters of Huanchi operate on a hit-and-run basis. Today, we’re going to chip away at the Jade Obelisk and find a little bit out about violent masonry and sinister stonework.