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Kobold Press Announces Inaugural Online Convention: Kobold Con 2024

Kobold Press Announces Inaugural Online Convention: Kobold Con 2024

Kobold Press has officially announced the launch of its first online convention, Kobold Con, scheduled for May 10-12, 2024. This event marks a significant milestone for Kobold Press as it celebrates its 18th anniversary by venturing into the realm of digital conventions. Kobold Con 2024 is set to become an annual event, bringing together enthusiasts from across the globe in a virtual setting.

The convention is poised to showcase a selection of Tales of the Valiant RPG projects, offering attendees a preview of what Kobold Press plans for the latter part of 2024 and potentially insights into 2025 projects, depending on the discretion of publisher Wolfgang Baur.

Kobold Con will commence with the Kobold Showcase, a live-streamed event that will introduce announcements and provide first looks at the Tales of the Valiant RPG virtual tabletop and digital offerings now available for online purchase. This initiative reflects Kobold Press’s efforts to enhance its digital presence and make its products more accessible to a wider audience.

The event will also feature the first official Tales of the Valiant online Organized Play event, spotlighting partnerships with VTT platforms like Shard, Alchemy, and Foundry. This includes the introduction of the official Valiant 6 characters, aiming to enrich the gaming experience for participants.

Kobold Press is inviting game masters and players to sign up for the event, with additional information accessible through their official Discord channel. This approach aims to foster community engagement and participation in the convention’s activities.

A notable aspect of Kobold Con will be a live stream charity actual play session to conclude the event, aimed at raising funds for the Kobold Press Gaming Scholarship. This new scholarship intends to support students entering collegiate studies in pen and paper game design, with Kobold Press matching donations throughout the event to encourage support for aspiring game designers.

Wolfgang Baur, Kobold Press’s founder and publisher, shared his enthusiasm about the convention, stating, “We are thrilled to announce Kobold Con and bring the Kobold Press community together to celebrate our upcoming projects and release schedule. We can’t wait for everyone to join us for a weekend full of discounts, partnership reveals, sneak previews, and charity fundraising.”