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Free League Announces Two Major Expansions for Blade Runner RPG: “Fiery Angels” and “Replicant Rebellion”

Free League Announces Two Major Expansions for Blade Runner RPG: “Fiery Angels” and “Replicant Rebellion”

Free League Publishing revealed today plans to introduce two significant expansions to the award-winning Blade Runner The Roleplaying Game. Named “Fiery Angels” and “Replicant Rebellion”, these forthcoming add-ons promise an exciting, layered experience for all fans of this dystopian universe.

The first expansion, a deluxe case file module titled “Fiery Angels,” will be available for pre-order and early access through the official website in the third quarter of this year, aiming for a final release in Q4, 2023. The adventure unfolds as Blade Runners are assigned to question a suspect arrested while attempting to infiltrate the Wallace Corporation Memory Vaults, which subsequently leads the team to explore the boundaries of Replicant technology and its implications.

“Fiery Angels” will retain the premium format of its predecessor, Case File #01: Electric Dreams, offering a new investigative scenario, in-world handouts, photos, maps, and more in a comprehensive boxed set. The expansion will be priced at $34.99 and is designed as a standalone adventure, although players who have experienced Case File 01 will find an extension of story elements from the previous narrative.

The second expansion, “Replicant Rebellion”, takes the gameplay to another level, allowing players to join the ranks of the Replicant underground in Los Angeles of 2037. It broadens the game’s scope by including numerous operations, from helping fugitive Nexus-8 Replicants evade capture to sabotaging Replicant industry installations. The beautifully illustrated hardback sourcebook will cost $49.99 and is slated for release in 2024.

In addition to the announcement of the expansions, Free League also expressed their delight as Blade Runner The Roleplaying Game has been nominated for two ENNIE Awards. The winners will be announced at Gen Con on August 4th. The game, previously shortlisted for Best RPG at the Origins Awards, also won the Peoples Choice and Judges Choice for Best Adventure at the UK Games Expo Awards this year.