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Mystic Punks: A New Kickstarter Campaign Conjures Up Paranormal TTRPG Action

Mystic Punks: A New Kickstarter Campaign Conjures Up Paranormal TTRPG Action

Exalted Funeral has initiated a Kickstarter campaign for “Mystic Punks,” a new tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG). The game invites players to tackle paranormal threats in a unique setting. With a funding goal of US$ 45,000, the campaign has secured over US$ 15,000 from 234 backers, and there are 30 days remaining to make a pledge.

“Mystic Punks” places players in the roles of diverse characters, ranging from a majick-infused gas station attendant to a mall goth with demonic weaponry, including an unusual character like a Pomeranian wizard. These characters unite to combat threats from eldritch gods, possessed entities, and alien invaders.

The game builds upon its predecessor, “Mystic Punks: The Collected Edition,” by expanding its universe with a comprehensive Core Rulebook. This rulebook introduces new gameplay rules, an array of spells, a monster bestiary, and guidance for running campaigns within this darkly themed universe.

An early pledge incentive includes the Official Mystic Punks Collectible Trading Card Pack, available to backers who pledge before a specified early deadline. This pack contains 12 cards featuring artwork from the Mystic Punks art team, designed for incorporation into existing collectible card game decks.

The campaign highlights the collaborative effort of its creative team, featuring contributions from various artists and writers, including notable figures such as Anthony “Cobra” Meloro and Pol Edouard. The Core Rulebook, targeted as the centerpiece of the campaign, promises around 250 pages of content, including full-color illustrations, and comes in an A5 size hardcover format with several quality bindings and finishes.

There are several backing options available, catering to a range of interests and levels of engagement with the game. These include digital versions of the Core Rulebook, comprehensive packages with physical and digital stretch goals, and retailer packages designed for stocking shelves with multiple copies of game components.