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Beverage Returns to Kickstarter: A Thirst-Quenching Worker Placement Game

Beverage Returns to Kickstarter: A Thirst-Quenching Worker Placement Game

The acclaimed board game “Beverage” has made a return to Kickstarter, promising a thirstier and larger edition than ever before. Backers have contributed with $12,598 so far and surpassing the game’s initial goal of $10,484 with 16 days still remaining. The campaign runs until July 9th.

“Beverage” blends elements of worker placement, push-your-luck, and cutthroat strategy into an engaging, economic game. With this re-edition, creators Asobition present an even more immersive experience.

Set in the competitive world of drink manufacturing, players assume the roles of CEOs heading beverage companies. The companies agree to co-fund a new stadium in their city, but only the firm with the highest reputation will earn the lucrative contract to sell their drinks at the venue.

Each round of the game begins with a bidding phase, during which players determine the amount of money they will wield for that round. This currency then fuels their actions on the board, providing a fascinating mix of strategy and chance. The game concludes once the local stadium construction wraps up, leaving one company as the victor.

Hailing from Japan, “Beverage” skilfully interweaves nostalgic elements with modern gameplay mechanics. The game’s clever blend of competitive strategy, bidding, and resource allocation has proven a hit with board game enthusiasts.