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Portal Games Announces Pre-Order for Imperial Miners

Portal Games Announces Pre-Order for Imperial Miners

Portal Games has just launched the pre-order for their latest offering, Imperial Miners, a much-anticipated card-based engine-building game.

Imperial Miners, designed by Tim Armstrong (Arcana Rising, Orbis), and illustrated by Hanna Kuik (Batman: Everybody Lies, Dune: House Secrets), is a dynamic engine-building card game that accommodates 1 to 5 players. Players take on the roles of miners excavating mines, using the abilities of six unique factions, and advancing on tech tracks to score the most Victory Points.

Gamers who jump on the pre-order bandwagon will receive a delightful bonus in the form of an additional game board and a set of cards to diversify the gameplay experience. These exclusive offers underline Portal Games’ commitment to delivering an engaging and enriched gaming experience.

Imperial Miners sets itself apart with a streamlined design that emphasizes decision-making and player choices while minimizing rules. The game is played over exactly 10 rounds with specific event cards and gameplay elements, ensuring a fast-paced, simultaneous play.

Stephen Bounacore, a playtester, describes Imperial Miners as “Slick. That is the word to describe it. It’s a slick game.”

The game’s structure allows for immediate, positive effects each round. Players are rewarded with bonuses like Gold, Victory Points, or special abilities, creating a constantly engaging environment where synergies and combos lead to Victory Points from every part of the player’s engine.

Imperial Miners includes miners from six different factions, including Romans, Japanese, Egyptians, Barbarians, Atlanteans, and Scots. Each faction offers its unique characteristics, encouraging players to build specific synergies that align with their playstyle.

Portal Games, known for their love of engine-building mechanics, adds Imperial Miners to a catalog that includes titles like 51st State and Alien Artifacts. This new game stands out as a simpler, faster option that maintains the joy of discovering card synergies and crafting brilliant combos.