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Ares Games Unveils Limited-Edition War of the Ring Expansion: Pre-Orders Now Open

Ares Games Unveils Limited-Edition War of the Ring Expansion: Pre-Orders Now Open

Ares Games has announced the opening of pre-orders for a new limited-edition expansion in their War of the Ring line. This exclusive release combines the content of both “Kings of Middle-earth” and “Lords of Middle-earth” expansions, presented in a deluxe package that aligns with the size and style of the War of the Ring Anniversary Release and Warriors of Middle-earth Limited Edition.

Priced at $189.90, exclusive of VAT and shipping charges, this edition is a collector’s dream. It features a stunning, hot-foil printed and embossed box with a double lid and magnetic opening. What truly sets this edition apart are the hand-painted miniatures, including a painted version of the Treebeard promo and three versions of each of the Free People sovereigns, totaling 18 figures in Kings, 8 in Lords, and Treebeard. Additionally, the upgraded high-quality components elevate the gameplay experience.

Limited to just 2000 copies, this edition is a testament to Ares Games’ commitment to quality and exclusivity. The estimated release date is set for June 2024, making it a highly anticipated addition to the War of the Ring series.

The deluxe edition offers more than just aesthetic enhancements. Players will find two separate perfect-bound rulebooks for Kings and Lords, each with textured covers and special paper. Overlays and tiles are included in both standard and deluxe sizes, compatible with various game boards. The mini-expansion “The Fate of Erebor,” now with overlay tiles suitable for different game boards, and the promo card set “The Seeing-stones” add depth to the gameplay. Each copy also comes with a numbered limited-edition certificate, adding to its collectible value.

The “Kings and Lords” release is not just a new product but a response to the community’s long-standing request. The original Lords of Middle-earth limited edition was designed to complement the Collector’s Edition over a decade ago. With the Anniversary Release in 2017, owners of the limited sets expressed a desire for Lords as an expansion in a similar format. Ares Games saw the development of Kings as an opportunity to fulfill this request, offering both expansions in a single, beautifully crafted package.

Pre-orders are now open on the Ares Games webshop, limited to one per customer, offering fans a unique chance to complete their War of the Ring collection with this extraordinary release.