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Mantic Games Announces “Worms: The Board Game” Kickstarter Launch on 29th August

Mantic Games Announces “Worms: The Board Game” Kickstarter Launch on 29th August

Mantic Games, in collaboration with Team17, is gearing up to launch “Worms: The Board Game” on Kickstarter on August 29th. This announcement has sparked anticipation among fans and followers, and the excitement is palpable.

“Worms: The Board Game” brings the iconic Worms experience to the tabletop, complete with classic weapons, supplies, destructible landscapes, and even the game’s trademark humor. The hex-based landscape allows players to move their Worms around, collecting crates, dodging mines, and positioning their characters with the right weapon at the right time for an utterly hilarious battle against foes.

Players will aim to keep their team alive, eliminate opponents, and win the game. Should the game last long enough, one of several sudden death cards will be waiting to make the match even more thrilling.

According to the official announcement, the basic game design is complete, and the team has playtested and refined the addictive gameplay. Mantic Games has sculpted the Worm miniatures, which are described as “some of the most downright fun miniatures” they’ve ever worked on. Demo copies are currently en route to board game reviewers, offering a promising look at the near-finished product.

Though the game is still subject to tweaks and improvements, Mantic Games has been working closely with Team17 to ensure an authentic Worms experience.

The upcoming Kickstarter campaign is expected to provide a boost to the game’s development and offer fans a chance to be part of the excitement.