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Starfinder Second Edition Playtests: Behind the Scenes at Paizo

Starfinder Second Edition Playtests: Behind the Scenes at Paizo

Paizo’s Starfinder brand, which has been generating considerable buzz lately, recently opened the curtains to their playtesting process for the much-awaited Starfinder Second Edition.

Thurston Hillman, the Managing Creative Director for Starfinder, elaborated on the exciting playtests they’ve been conducting internally. Hillman is responsible for overseeing the brand’s creative trajectory and coordinating with the talented team behind the Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

The Starfinder team has been rigorously stress-testing new classes, with Jason Bulmahn, Director of Game Design, at the helm. They began with themed adventures involving intricate scenarios, from starships navigating the periphery of Event Horizons to intense jungle encounters with dangerous predators.

Playtest titled “Streetsweep,” was notable for its innovative setting. Unlike traditional environments in confined areas, this test focused on open-area and long-range combats, emphasizing the futuristic weaponry that Starfinder promises. Operated by an elite team of developers, including Jessica Catalan, Dustin Knight, and Jenny Jarzabski, the playtest employed classes like the sniper-focused operative, the healing mystic, and the time-manipulating witchwarper, with Hillman controlling a multi-armed soldier character.

This particular session featured dynamic combat sequences against the well-trained Azlanti Star Empire Aeon Guards, who exhibited unique abilities to synergize their movements and attacks. Despite a challenging initial engagement, the player characters swiftly took control of the battlefield, thanks to strategic use of their unique abilities and weapons.

The next encounter was equally compelling, pitting the team against Aeon Guard snipers in a strategically challenging setting, utilizing terrains like a fallen tree for cover. These intense combats highlighted the depth of strategy and variety the Starfinder Second Edition is poised to offer.

The playtest culminated in a team debrief, where the effectiveness of area weapons was highlighted, especially against clustered enemies. Concerns arose regarding the potential overpowered nature of the sniper operative and the necessity for the soldier class to be more versatile against individual targets. The session also underscored the significance of the mystic’s healing abilities and the unique gameplay dynamics brought about by the witchwarper’s quantum aura.

Starfinder enthusiasts can expect more intriguing updates and behind-the-scenes looks as Paizo continues its journey toward launching Starfinder Second Edition.