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Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure – Book 2 Announced by Cubicle 7

Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure – Book 2 Announced by Cubicle 7

This year marks an exciting milestone for one of the most iconic and beloved series in science fiction history. As “Doctor Who” reaches its sixtieth anniversary this November, fans have something spectacular to look forward to. Cubicle 7, the publisher known for its roleplaying game creations, will celebrate the occasion with the release of not one but TWO game books dedicated to the Doctor’s incredible journeys.

Book Two – A Modern Era Exploration

The newly announced “Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure – Book 2” focuses on the period from 2005 to 2023. It begins with the unexpected transformation of the Eighth Doctor into an incarnation more fit for battle against the Daleks, becoming the War Doctor, and goes all the way to the recent revelations concerning the Fugitive Doctor.

From the War Doctor’s appearance in “Day of the Doctor” to his subsequent return as the Ninth Doctor, all the way to “The Power of the Doctor,” fans can relive these unforgettable moments. Book Two provides a rich source of material for Gamemasters, players, and fans alike, allowing them to explore and celebrate the longest-running science fiction television series in the world.

Unique Multi-Doctor Experience

What sets Book Two apart is the integration of a new adventure for each Doctor. These adventures are skillfully woven together to form a grand, multi-Doctor experience that spans millennia. Additionally, the book offers guidance on regeneration, providing a more immersive experience for role-players.

Book Two is designed to be a perfect companion to Book One, which delves into the early years of the series, starting from its inception in 1963 with the First Doctor, right through to the Eighth Doctor.

Preorders Coming Soon

Fans eager to get their hands on these volumes won’t have to wait long. Preorders for both volumes of “Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure” are set to go live very soon. Keep an eye on official channels for more information and prepare to embark on an exciting journey through time and space, celebrating the magnificent 60-year legacy of the Doctor.