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Paizo Partners with Mirrorscape to Bring Pathfinder and Starfinder into Augmented Reality

Paizo Partners with Mirrorscape to Bring Pathfinder and Starfinder into Augmented Reality

Paizo has announced a partnership with Mirrorscape, an all-new extended reality (XR) tabletop gaming platform.

This partnership will bring Paizo’s fan-favorite Pathfinder and Starfinder games into an authentic three-dimensional and augmented reality setting. It’s an exciting step forward that promises to add new layers of immersion and interactivity to the tabletop roleplaying experience.

Set to launch on iOS and Android on July 25th, Mirrorscape is already generating buzz among tabletop roleplaying gamers. It offers a truly immersive experience where players can interact with game pieces, terrains, and miniatures in realistic 3D, no matter their location. This innovative technology has received positive coverage from major outlets like Wired, Wargamer, GamesRadar, and Dicebreaker.

Using Mirrorscape, players will be able to experience the beloved quests and adventures of the Pathfinder and Starfinder universes from the comfort of their mobile devices. Whether around a physical table or spread across the globe, gamers can now engage with these popular worlds anytime, anywhere.

Mirrorscape isn’t stopping there. It has partnered with leading gaming companies including Dwarven Forge, Fat Dragon Games, Hero Forge, Reaper Minis, and Norse Foundry. These partnerships will allow for the creation of digital twins of the terrain, miniatures, and dice gamers already love. With Mirrorscape’s innovative platform, world-building will become a breeze with terrain that easily stacks and snaps in place. Pre-built maps will also be available for those looking for ready-to-play adventures. A Free Starter Set will also be included, complete with enough pieces to build caverns and dungeons, along with up to 10 free miniatures.

In line with Paizo’s commitment to open and inclusive gaming, Mirrorscape will fully support the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License. This platform is designed to accommodate a broad range of rulesets and homebrew campaigns. The partnership aims to support and empower user-generated content and unrestricted player creativity.

But the future of Mirrorscape extends beyond the smartphone screen. In the near future, Mirrorscape plans to release its platform on AR glasses and headsets. This advancement promises a fully immersive AR tabletop experience where players can move their miniatures and build vast worlds for exploration using hand tracking and gesture control.

Prepare to enter a new era of tabletop gaming when Mirrorscape launches on the Apple App Store and Google Play on July 25th. Your next Pathfinder or Starfinder adventure in amazingly authentic 3D is just a download away.