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Cloudbreaker Alliance: A Unique Tabletop RPG Inspired by Star Trek and Final Fantasy, Set to Launch on Kickstarter

Cloudbreaker Alliance: A Unique Tabletop RPG Inspired by Star Trek and Final Fantasy, Set to Launch on Kickstarter

CJ Leung, known for his award-winning “Don’t Stop Thinking” YouTube channel, is gearing up to launch his latest project, a tabletop RPG called “Cloudbreaker Alliance,” on Kickstarter on Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

“Cloudbreaker Alliance” (CBA) is an anime-inspired fantasy RPG that fuses elements of Eastern and Western media, creating an immersive gameplay experience reminiscent of popular franchises such as “Final Fantasy,” “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” “Star Trek,” and “Discworld.”

Set in a world fragmented and surrounded by cloud walls infested with monsters, players assume the role of “cloudbreakers,” individuals entrusted with the task of breaking through these ominous cloud walls and establishing relations with newly discovered civilizations.

The unique settings and expansive gameplay options allow for a diverse range of characters to be crafted. Be it a cowboy orc wielding ki blasts for trick shots or a samurai angel transforming into a magical girl, the choice is yours. The game’s modular approach to combat abilities allows players to separate their class and equipment, eliminating the need to compromise roleplay for combat effectiveness.

CBA offers an impressive 256 levels of growth across 32 classes. Each class provides a set of unique features, and players can have two active classes at any given time. This system enables a myriad of class combinations, broadening the play options.

The game’s “Spirit Token” system introduces an intriguing dynamic to combat. Players accumulate Spirit Tokens during battles, which they can spend to unleash potent abilities known as Spirit Bursts. As an added layer of strategy, players can share their tokens with teammates to collaboratively release these powerful abilities when most needed.

A standout feature of CBA is its focus on strategic combat over brute force. Players are encouraged to use the right skills or tools to neutralize enemies rather than merely depleting their hit points. Battles can also be won by draining enemies’ morale tokens, forcing them to retreat.

Escape and chase situations add another layer of depth and tension to the gameplay, requiring players to strategize, cooperate, and capitalize on each other’s abilities to survive and overcome obstacles.

The game is designed for accessibility and easy learning. The complexity of the game is gradually introduced through levels, and players only need a pair of six-sided dice to play, with the option of using tokens for a more immersive experience. In addition, animated tutorials will accompany the digital book’s release to help players familiarize themselves with the system.

Moreover, a monster conversion chart for 5e monsters will be provided, enabling players who already own 5e supplements to reuse their materials.

“Cloudbreaker Alliance” promises a unique, collaborative play system that combines elements of various beloved franchises with its innovative features. For those interested in supporting the project and becoming a part of the next big tabletop RPG, visit the project’s Kickstarter page.

Nel Celestine

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

It was an absolute honour to be the first to publicly play this game and given the priviledge to announce that Kickstarter date.

You can see it here in action if you like: