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RPG Superstar 2023 Contest Deadline Approaching and Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange and Unusual Now Available!

RPG Superstar 2023 Contest Deadline Approaching and Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange and Unusual Now Available!

Attention all RPG enthusiasts! Time is running out to submit your entries for this year’s RPG Superstar contest. With just a few weeks remaining until the May 28th deadline, aspiring monster creators have the opportunity to showcase their skills and imagination by submitting up to three monsters. To participate, visit the official website at Make sure to act quickly if you want to be part of the competition!

For those seeking valuable feedback and assistance in refining their monster designs before submission, the Roll For Combat Discord community is available to lend a helping hand. Join the Discord server at to connect with like-minded individuals who can offer advice and constructive criticism. This collaborative platform can enhance your chances of success in the contest.

This year’s RPG Superstar contest, titled “Elemental Storm,” presented by Roll For Combat, encourages participants to connect their monsters to twenty different “elements.” These elements range from traditional themes to more unconventional ones like music and space. It’s an opportunity to infuse your creations with unique ideas and explore diverse thematic connections.

Once the submission period concludes, the voting and judging phases will commence, adding an element of excitement to the contest. The evaluation process consists of two rounds. In the first round, the community at large has the opportunity to judge each monster based on various categories, narrowing down the selection to the top contenders. The public voting phase will last approximately six weeks, during which anyone can cast their votes for their favorite submissions. Public campaigning is also allowed, enabling participants to promote their creations and gather support.

Following the public voting phase, a panel of experienced industry professionals will engage in private judging. This group of seasoned judges, equipped with diverse skills and expertise, will thoroughly evaluate the top entries, considering factors such as quality, creativity, and alignment with the contest’s theme. The winners will be announced, prizes will be awarded, and the winning monsters will be published in the highly anticipated upcoming edition of Battlezoo Bestiary.

Speaking of Battlezoo Bestiary, Pathfinder enthusiasts can now delve into a world of strange and unusual creatures with the release of Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange and Unusual. This recent publication, authored by Stephen Glicker, Mark Seifter, and the winners of the previous RPG Superstar contest, features over 150 captivating monsters from the previous edition of the competition. Additionally, the Battlezoo Bestiary expands the Pathfinder game with various new elements, including:

  • Over 150 RPG Superstar monsters categorized by their achievements, ranging from copper to platinum, and grand prize winners.
  • The Aberrant Soul archetype/subclass, offering players the opportunity to experience a gradual transformation into aberrations.
  • Additional options for the Monster Parts crafting system.
  • New rules for refining monster parts and creating custom weapons, armor, shields, skill items, magic items, and more.
  • Expanded imbuing categories, encompassing eldamon elements such as air, earth, water, as well as other stretch goal elements. Unconventional properties like the tentacular “extension” imbued property are also included.
  • Fresh character backgrounds to enhance roleplaying possibilities.
  • Over 150 vivid illustrations that bring these incredible creatures to life.

For those seeking inspiration or an insight into the creativity of previous contest winners, the Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange and Unusual is an invaluable addition to any Pathfinder collection.