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Plaid Hat Games Previews Solo Play in Familiar Tales

Plaid Hat Games Previews Solo Play in Familiar Tales

Even if lockdowns and isolating weren’t still a thing, there’s times when nobody else is around but you just gotta get your gaming in. Thankfully, there’s often solo mode in games. Familiar Tales will support solo play. In this preview, we get a look at how it will work.

From the preview:

Welcome, Adventurers! 

Familiar Tales is the latest 1-4 player adventure game from Plaid Hat Games. Players take on the role of a wizard’s four familiars who set upon a quest to guide a precious infant through the fairytale land of Principalia — an epic journey that will also encompass the babe’s childhood and adolescence!

No matter how many players you have around the table, you’ll see Blaze, Gribbert, Flicker and Chalk all take part in the journey and storytelling. Today, we’ll be diving into the nuances of playing Familiar Tales solo, where all four familiars’ stories will be yours to tell!