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Triangle Agency Launches on Kickstarter: A New Venture Into Paranormal Investigation and Corporate Horro

Triangle Agency Launches on Kickstarter: A New Venture Into Paranormal Investigation and Corporate Horro

The world of paranormal investigation is coming alive on Kickstarter with the launch of Triangle Agency, a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) developed by the new independent studio, Haunted Table Games. The campaign, which went live on June 6th, has already significantly surpassed its funding goal of US$ 9,999, gathering pledges over US$ 74,595 from nearly 942 backers, with 28 days still remaining until its conclusion on July 7th.

Triangle Agency thrusts players into the roles of investigators working on behalf of a cryptic corporation, delving into a world rife with paranormal phenomena. A unique game mechanic designates one player as the team’s General Manager (GM), who fabricates mysteries for the remaining players, or Field Agents, to unravel. Set in a contemporary context, the game utilizes an entirely new system designed to bolster chilling narratives, all while critically examining corporate culture.

Drawing inspiration from prominent tales and media like The SCP Foundation, Men in Black, The X-files, and the video game Control, Triangle Agency innovates in its gameplay structure. Its rulebook serves not only as a guide but also an immersive, in-game job manual.

Triangle Agency comes packed with an array of features: a fiction-forward rulebook; shared Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that enrich player involvement; immersive gameplay that tests both characters and players; the Character ARC System that provides extensive character customization; and the Stability/Chaos Storytelling Engine, a novel dice mechanism that creates unique story paths based on the results of the dice roll.

The Kickstarter campaign offers various exciting rewards and add-ons for backers. These include the Core Rulebook, a hardcover guide filled with rules and Classified Documents for campaign revelations; The Vault, a campaign-in-a-book featuring missions written by the designers and guest writers from the indie tabletop world; The Triangle Agenda, a character sheet journal built to support long-term groups; a unique set of six 4-sided dice; and The Ripple Gun, a life-size replica of a crucial artifact from the game world.