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CrowD Games Launches Evolution: Another World on Kickstarter

CrowD Games Launches Evolution: Another World on Kickstarter

CrowD Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its exciting new board game, Evolution: Another World. Within a short period, it has already received an overwhelming response from the gaming community, garnering US$ 76,424 pledged against a US$ 20,000 goal with 1,648 backers and still 13 days left to go.

Evolution: Another World is a standalone game from the acclaimed Evolution series, set in a magical world brimming with extraordinary creatures. As the players navigate this enchanting universe, they must strive to ensure their creations not only survive but also evolve and thrive.

In this alternate universe, mystical sources generate pure energy, which creatures consume and accumulate for a remarkable transformation. The game’s central goal is for players to facilitate this transformative journey for their creatures, with the first to transmute three creatures declared the winner.

Uniquely, players do not assume the role of a single character but represent the forces of nature. Despite the game world’s alien conditions, the evolutionary principles reflect the same logic found on Earth.

Evolution: Another World employs familiar, easy-to-learn mechanics. Players create new creatures and endow existing ones with traits using two-sided Evolution cards. The activation of these creatures enables various actions. By strategically combining traits, creatures can outmaneuver rivals, gather energy, and ascend to new evolutionary heights.

Securing energy, represented by Source cards, is crucial to creature survival and growth. As energy resources are scarce, creatures may need to fight for it or employ traits that optimize energy acquisition. Players can devise numerous strategies to win, underlining the game’s replayability and strategic depth.

The game stays true to the spirit of the Evolution series, albeit with a fresh perspective. In Evolution: Another World, creatures cannot die, signifying a significant departure from the series’s traditional mechanics.

Beyond its innovative gameplay, the game boasts a striking design with bright, vibrant fantasy illustrations and attractive energy tokens. Its intuitive rules and fast-paced gameplay make it an accessible family game, offering an engaging experience for both adults and children aged 11 and above.

The game also includes a solo mode, inviting players to explore Another World alone and ensure their creatures’ survival in this unique environment.