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Mantic Games Unveils FIREFIGHT: Annihilation Games and COMMAND PROTOCOLS

Mantic Games Unveils FIREFIGHT: Annihilation Games and COMMAND PROTOCOLS

Fans of Mantic Games’ tabletop universe have a new addition to look forward to. The company has announced the relaunch of Firefight, complete with new units, miniatures, rules, and balanced lists. Along with the game, they have also revealed an abundance of new terrain for players to explore.

This grand return of Firefight is accompanied by the launch of the “Command Protocols” book, designed to be the equivalent of the content-rich “Clash of Kings” books created for Kings of War. This new book compiles all the latest game updates, new content, tweaked rules, balance updates, and the Mazon Labs army list. Existing players can dive into the fresh content, while new players will find it an excellent starting point in the world of Firefight.

The most intriguing part of this announcement is the introduction of Annihilation games. This new gameplay style caters to enthusiasts of sci-fi vehicle games, offering the opportunity to command air squadrons, tank battles, drones, and teams of walkers in epic battles.

In Annihilation games, the force organisation rules are revamped to accommodate “Armoured Battlegroups.” The unit composition includes “mechanised” and “non-mechanised” units, with the selection of a “Command” unit from either of these categories. Each mechanised unit can unlock a non-mechanised unit, and these non-mechanised units must either start the game inside a transport or be capable of aerial deployment.

Annihilation games also introduce three new rules to enrich the vehicle combat experience: “Ad-Hoc Command Vehicles,” “Vehicle Damage” (including engines or weaponry), and “Rear Damage.” These new rules are crafted to maintain the game’s simplicity while adding unique flavors and interests to the vehicle battles.

Additionally, Annihilation games come with a series of specially designed missions that further amplify the thrill of the game. The missions range from conducting all-out warfare to performing armoured reconnaissance and rescuing stranded vehicle crews.

For those eager to start playing, Mantic Games has also announced the first wave of vehicle releases for pre-order starting Wednesday, July 12. The release includes new sets packed with options for the GCPS, Plague, Mazon Labs, Enforcers, and Marauders factions. The Veer-Myn, Forge Father, and Asterian player reinforcements are also slated for release in the near future.