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Games Workshop Announces Saturday Pre-orders Including Flesh-eater Courts and MKVI Assault Marines

Games Workshop Announces Saturday Pre-orders Including Flesh-eater Courts and MKVI Assault Marines

Games Workshop has revealed a lineup of pre-orders for this Saturday, promising an enthralling addition to the collections of tabletop gamers and miniature enthusiasts. The announcement, made on the official Games Workshop website, includes a spearhead force of Flesh-eater Courts, MKVI Assault Marines, Grotmas Gitz, and unique translucent spectral warriors for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game™.

Flesh-eater Courts Army Set

Leading the charge is the Flesh-eater Courts Army Set, a tantalizing collection for fans of the Carrion Kingdoms. This set features a horde of ravenous ghouls and an Abhorrant Gorewarden, all under the grand delusion of being noble warriors. The set includes 20 Cryptguard, three Morbheg Knights, a Varghulf Courtier, and a special edition of Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts, complete with unique art. Enhancing the gaming experience, the set also contains 27 warscroll cards, 30 tokens, and 33 enhancement cards.

MKVI Assault Squad

For the Age of Darkness enthusiasts, the MKVI Assault Squad is set to make a grand entrance. Equipped with Warhawk jump packs, these plastic Assault Marines are ready for dynamic combat. The box includes 10 figures with chainswords and a choice of bolt pistols or combat shields, alongside a range of accessories and extra weapons. Notably, the squad is compatible with all current Legion-specific MKVI accessory sets.

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game™ Additions

Middle-earth fans are in for a treat with the return of the King of the Dead and his Heralds, now in a spectral translucent blue plastic. Accompanied by two Heralds with Banners of the Dead, this set promises to add a ghostly ambiance to the battlefield. Additionally, the Warriors of the Dead are available in a box of 20, also in translucent blue plastic. These sets, initially announced as limited availability, are now guaranteed for a four-week window.

Grotmas Gitz

In a lighter vein, the Grotmas Gitz are ready to bring some mischief. Led by a mean old git riding a present-munching squig, this gift-grabbing gang of grotlings is sure to add humor and chaos to any collection.

Brimstein Firegrass

For hobbyists looking to add a burst of color to their bases, the Brimstein Firegrass offers searing red tufts, perfect for representing various landscapes, from volcanic alien worlds to smoldering plains.

White Dwarf 495

Rounding off the pre-orders is White Dwarf 495, the final issue of 2023. This edition is packed with designer notes on the Tyranids, the Fourth Tyrannic War, new rules for Boarding Actions, Warcry, Kill Team, and more, alongside inspiring hobby content from the Warhammer community.