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Customize Your Dreadnoughts with New Contemptor Carapaces from Forge World

Customize Your Dreadnoughts with New Contemptor Carapaces from Forge World

Warhammer fans, prepare to adorn your Contemptor Dreadnoughts with new and exciting resin torsos designed to represent six different Legions! Forge World has announced the pre-order availability of six new Contemptor Carapaces for Dark Angels, Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors, White Scars, Imperial Fists, and Sons of Horus.

Each Legion has its own unique style and heraldry, and these new torsos have been designed to work seamlessly with the plastic Contemptor Dreadnought kit. The torsos are made of high-quality resin and are a perfect addition to any Space Marine army.

The Dark Angels Contemptor Torso is perfect for fans of the First Legion. This walking mausoleum is decorated with candles, chained angels, lancet motifs, and studded trim, ensuring that all secrets remain safe when the Contemptors stomp into battle.

The Emperor’s Children Contemptor Torso is covered with majestic eagle emblems, reflecting their exclusive right to bear the Emperor’s Palatine Aquila in battle. The Iron Warriors Contemptor Torso is outfitted with even more mechanical accoutrements and embossed hazard stripes, reflecting Perturabo’s dour siege masters’ unique style.

The White Scars Contemptor Torso is rare to see due to the particular spot they occupy in White Scar culture. The “Uhaan Solban” are decorated with symbols of Chogorian pride, reflecting the White Scars’ mastery of hit-and-run warfare.

The Imperial Fists Contemptor Torso represents the sons of Dorn, reflecting their indomitable, resolute, and enduring nature. The Sons of Horus Contemptor Torso features the Eye of Horus emblazoned on their armor, ensuring the Warmaster’s gaze falls on every battlefield.

All six of these new Contemptor Carapaces are available for pre-order now on the Forge World webstore.