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“By Fire and Sword Launches Second Edition on Kickstarter

“By Fire and Sword Launches Second Edition on Kickstarter

By Fire and Sword, the historical wargame set in the middle of 17th century Europe, has just launched its second edition on Kickstarter, and it is already receiving significant support. Just a day into the campaign, almost $26,000 has been pledged for the $15,000 goal.

The new edition promises to be faster, more dynamic, and easier to learn than the first edition. It also includes new models and features, making it an exciting addition to the wargaming community. The game is set during the numerous wars fought in Central and Eastern Europe during the second part of the 17th century.

By Fire and Sword prides itself on its attention to historical accuracy and detail. The game is well-researched, capturing the character of the armies of that era. The army lists are faithful to historical realities, and the models are created based on period engravings and preserved museum pieces. The game offers a huge variety of units and playstyles, unique to the region and its history in the 17th century.

One unique feature of By Fire and Sword is its Orders system. This system attempts to limit the advantage of the player looking down at the table by using Orders given to the Units to determine their attitude and type of action. The commander’s skillful use and placement on the battlefield will be crucial to victory. The game also allows for playing with armies of different strengths, offsetting opponents’ advantages and giving players an equal chance to win.

By Fire and Sword models are 15mm scale, an ideal choice for those who want to play epic battles without sacrificing beauty and quality. The models are detailed and have proportions as correct as possible. The game offers a variety of scenarios, stratagems, and random effects, adding excitement and unpredictability.

The new edition also includes an intuitive Army Creator, allowing players to quickly prepare an army list for the game.