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Immerse Yourself in the Mythical World of The Great Pond with Last Fish! An All-In-One Competitive Card Game – 4 Days Left to Pledge

Immerse Yourself in the Mythical World of The Great Pond with Last Fish! An All-In-One Competitive Card Game – 4 Days Left to Pledge

Last Fish!, an all-in-one competitive card game by Whiskers, has doubled its initial Kickstarter goal of $10,000 with just four days left to pledge. The strategic fantasy card game is set in the mythical world of The Great Pond, inhabited by the land-loving fish-people known as the Whiskers. Players take control of one of several Champions, each representing powerful and famous (or infamous) whiskers hailing from various regions of the known world.

Each turn, players have the opportunity to sling Spells, counter Attacks, equip Items, forge friendships, burn bridges (with fireballs), and create deadly combos, all in the name of survival and sweet, sweet victory. However, other players aren’t the only thing to worry about, as each turn players must also draw an Encounter card representing the trials, tribulations, and rewards a wanderlust-inspired whisker might face when traversing The Great Pond. These Encounters add an extra layer of unpredictability and excitement to the game, ensuring no two games are alike.

The game features eight types of cards, each with its unique elements. The Champion card, chosen at the start of the game, has a Signature card that gains new power if drawn. Encounter cards add unique effects to the game, while Heart cards keep track of each player’s life or Health Points. Instant cards are the most powerful and perhaps the rarest cards in the game, allowing players to deflect attacks or shut down an opponent’s entire turn. Attack and Item cards are the main ways to deal and prevent damage, and Spells and Curses offer a variety of effects, from damage to utility.

The Great Pond is a place filled with imagination and mystery, political intrigue and turmoil, ageless myths and budding legends, and of course, the magically-inclined fish: Whiskers! In the Whiskers universe, species of koi and catfish experienced rapid evolution many centuries ago after a world-changing magic spell was cast to return life to the world. The Great Pond has five main regions known simply as the Western Kingdom, the Northern Mountains, the Eastern Forest, the Southern Desert, and Windrose City, right in the middle of them all.

Players can explore the world of Whiskers using the interactive map on the website or delve into The Book of Ponds, a web novel series available on Gitbook.

The Last Fish! Kickstarter campaign is set to end in four days, and interested players can still pledge to join the exciting world of The Great Pond and become the Last Fish standing.