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New Solo Games ‘River Wild’ and ‘Ancient Realm’ by Steven Aramini Now on Kickstarter

New Solo Games ‘River Wild’ and ‘Ancient Realm’ by Steven Aramini Now on Kickstarter

Button Shy has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for not one, but two new solo games by designer Steven Aramini. Aramini, who co-designed the hit game Sprawlopolis, has created two unique wallet games: River Wild and Ancient Realm. Both games can be yours for just $20, and the campaign has already raised over $40,000 on a $2,000 goal with 8 days left to go.

River Wild is a game of creating the most harmonious landscape. Players must play a card to extend their river each turn, trying to create protected valleys for local wildlife. Matching wildlife with scoring goals in the valleys earns players the most points possible. The game features an expansion, Wildscapes, which adds new locations and drastically reshapes the landscape.

Ancient Realm, on the other hand, is a civilization-building-themed puzzle game. Players must harvest, hire, build, and plan their way into the history books. The game features Wonders, powerful but costly constructions, that offer potent effects but require significant resources to construct and cannot be covered by further cards. The game also has an expansion, Triumphs & Trials, which replaces some of the standard game’s Districts with special Districts featuring Monument and/or Misfortune blocks.