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Command of Nature: An Epic Deck-Building Game on Kickstarter, with a Goal to Restore Nature

Command of Nature: An Epic Deck-Building Game on Kickstarter, with a Goal to Restore Nature

As of today, Command of Nature, an engaging and strategic tabletop game from the creators of Here to Slay and Casting Shadows, has raised a stunning $1,381,096, significantly surpassing its initial goal of $50,000. This Kickstarter campaign, which has attracted over 17,167 backers, is set to end in four days on June 20th.

Command of Nature offers an immersive, deck-building experience where 2 to 4 players can harness the magic of the forest and compete against their rivals. Players assume the roles of powerful Sages who can summon warriors from the Twig, Leaf, Droplet, and Pebble factions, aiming to showcase their might. As the game progresses, players level up, gaining access to extraordinary abilities and fierce new recruits. The objective is to protect your Sage at all costs and vanquish opponents to earn the prestigious title of Master of the Elements.

The game mechanics involve defending your Sage from enemy attacks, selecting potent Elementals, strategically arranging them in formations, and trading cards in the Market to outmaneuver opponents. Players can initiate combat using Attack Commands to dismantle rival formations and claim victory.

In line with the game’s theme of celebrating nature’s magic, the creators have also partnered with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization focused on global reforestation. They have pledged to plant a tree for every person who backs the project and are offering a Kickstarter Exclusive commemorative pin with every pledge that includes a physical reward.

One Tree Planted’s mission is to restore nature and biodiversity, raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses a simple sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to take positive environmental action.

In addition to the environmental initiative, the Command of Nature Kickstarter campaign offers backers exclusive and collectible items that won’t be available in the future online or in retail stores. As the campaign continues and more stretch goals are achieved, backers can expect the addition of numerous Kickstarter Exclusives to their pledges.

With only four days left until the campaign ends, don’t miss out on your chance to dive into the magical world of Command of Nature while contributing to global reforestation. Be part of this ambitious project and join the fight to become the Master of the Elements.