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MythCraft: A Complete TTRPG Universe and Game System Funded in Just Three Hours on Kickstarter!

MythCraft: A Complete TTRPG Universe and Game System Funded in Just Three Hours on Kickstarter!

QuasiReal Publishing and The Homebrew Network has announce their brand new tabletop role-playing game universe, MythCraft, which was funded in just three hours on Kickstarter!

MythCraft is a complete TTRPG system and universe that features complex character creation, rich combat, and a vast, eon-spanning universe. With 11 separate classes, 14 unique lineages, 23 individual backgrounds and occupations, and an extensive selection of talent points and spells, there are thousands of unique mechanical builds available in the base game alone.

In the world of Ancerra, myths and legends weave together into an elaborate tapestry spanning tens of thousands of years across four distinct Supereons. The universe is teeming with adventure, and the players can explore towering mountaintops above the clouds or descend into vast chasms riddled with strange technologies from eons long forgotten. MythCraft offers an expansive and customizable system for fantastical adventures at your table.

MythCraft offers a fresh take on spellcasting and reimagined combat, and a myriad of plot hooks rich with lore and vibrant NPCs. It invites players into an entirely new fantasy universe brimming with potential. There are 16 additional classes planned in stretch goals, with each of the five sources of magic (Arcane, Divine, Occult, Primal, and Psionic) having the potential to be used for enforcing nine functions.

The MythCraft universe is also home to magical artifacts and strange technologies lost to time, and there are four campaign settings planned. MythCraft will release with its first campaign, The Cloven Land, an entire high fantasy campaign for levels 1-15.

MythCraft is a beginner-friendly game with prebuilt characters and character progression suggestions for new players. However, it also caters to veteran gamers with endless options, customization, and possibilities for theory crafters. The system is easy to learn and offers endless playability, and each player character has a set number of “Action Points” (AP) that they can spend on any number of actions, from moving to attacking, casting a spell to tying a knot or locking a door.

With its Occupation and Profession system, players can spend their time between adventures learning a craft, plying a trade, or engaging in local politics. Each profession comes with its own tiers and unique abilities gained through collaborative roleplaying and world-building.