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Lead Your Army to Victory in The Last Kingdom Board Game by Gamelyn Games, Now on Kickstarter!

Lead Your Army to Victory in The Last Kingdom Board Game by Gamelyn Games, Now on Kickstarter!

Gamelyn Games’ latest project, The Last Kingdom Board Game, has raised over $48,000 on Kickstarter, surpassing its initial goal of $30,000. With 14 days left to go, the campaign will end on April 14th. Based on the popular Netflix series, The Last Kingdom Board Game is a strategy game of war and politics designed for 2-5 players, created by John D Clair.

In the game, players will be able to select from ten leaders, each representing either the Saxons or the Danes, and will play out a game over two rounds. Players will command their armies and use political maneuvers to take control of various regions of England. Victory points will be awarded for being on the winning side of conflicts, and players will gain affinities with different factions as they seek to turn the tide of war with the aid of notable characters from the series.

In addition to special abilities for each leader, players will draft a hand of cards to aid them in each round. The game will also feature miniatures of fan-favorite characters like Uthred, making it an attractive option for fans of the show.

The Last Kingdom Board Game has already drawn comparisons to popular strategy games like The King Is Dead and Bretwalda, and has the potential to draw in a new audience of strategy board gamers thanks to its popular title. Although some may be disappointed that the game’s imagery is screenshots from the show rather than art, it’s understandable given the game’s licensing.

The Last Kingdom Board Game is an exciting addition to the world of board gaming and is sure to be a hit among fans of the series. With the campaign ending soon, backers still have time to get in on the action and support this exciting new game.