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Infinity March Releases: New Miniatures to Expand Your Army!

Infinity March Releases: New Miniatures to Expand Your Army!

March brings several exciting releases for Infinity. The new releases include Haqqislam Booster Pack Alpha, ALEPH Booster Pack Alpha, Corregidor Fireteam Pack Beta, Yuan Yuan (Chain Rifle), RoadBots Highway Patrol, and USAriadna Action Pack.

The Haqqislam Booster Pack Alpha box includes three miniatures for the Haqqislam army, allowing players to expand their options when creating an army list. The ALEPH Booster Pack Alpha also includes three miniatures for the ALEPH army, which oversees the data network of the Human Sphere and is considered the greatest ally of humanity.

The Corregidor Fireteam Pack Beta is perfect for those who want to add a tough fireteam to their Corregidor Force. The box includes four miniatures, one Diablo with Light Shotgun and Trench-hammer, one Diablo with Submachine Gun and Trench-hammer, one Lobo with Red Fury, and one Lobo with Breaker Combi Rifle.

The Yuan Yuan (Chain Rifle) is a pirate scrap dealer that can be used as a mercenary in various armies, including NA2, Qapu Khalqi, and Compañía Ikari. This miniature can be deployed in the midst of enemy lines to create chaos among their troops.

The RoadBots Highway Patrol box includes three miniatures that embody the law on the roads of frontier territories. These versatile robots can be used in the Starmada del Action Pack to adapt to any situation during the game.

Finally, the USAriadna Action Pack includes eleven miniatures for the USArianda Sectorial Army of Ariadna. This box is the perfect way to start playing and add to your USAriadna collection.

All of these March releases are available in stores and online.