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REM Racers: The Ultimate Racing Board Game from Corvus Belli Speeds onto Shelves

REM Racers: The Ultimate Racing Board Game from Corvus Belli Speeds onto Shelves

Corvus Belli, the creative minds behind the acclaimed Infinity universe, has just shifted gears with their latest release – REM Racer. This new racing board game, designed for 2 to 5 players, promises to inject an extra dose of adrenaline into game nights starting February 1.

Set in the vibrant and dynamic Infinity universe, REM Racers boasts an eye-catching neon aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. The game challenges players to embrace their competitive spirit in a thrilling race to the finish line. Each player steps into the role of a character, taking control of a remote to steer their pilot to victory. What makes REM Racers unique is the variety of remotes available, each equipped with distinct characteristics and special abilities. The addition of equipment cards loaded with weapons adds a layer of strategic mayhem, ensuring no two races are the same.

REM Racers is not just about speed; it’s a test of strategy and skill. Players must navigate through a challenging circuit, filled with relentless rivals and numerous obstacles. The goal is simple yet daunting: to be the first across the finish line. The game mechanics include movement templates, programmed actions, and the ‘Take that!’ approach, offering players a multitude of ways to outmaneuver their opponents.

Fans of the Infinity universe will be delighted to find that the pilots and remotes in REM Racers are drawn from the same world. This connection adds a layer of familiarity and depth to the game, especially for those who have followed the Infinity wargame over the years.