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Fireside Games Set to Release “Ultimatch” – A New Cooperative Card Game Experience

Fireside Games Set to Release “Ultimatch” – A New Cooperative Card Game Experience

Fireside Games has officially announced the release of their new card game, Ultimatch, scheduled for June 12, 2024. The game will be available in both retail stores and online, catering to a global audience.

Ultimatch introduces a cooperative approach to traditional matching card games. The objective is to clear a pyramid of cards by forming matches based on color, number, or arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction. Players must strategize on which cards to use immediately and which to save for later stages. The game offers a variety of match types, with the ultimate goal being to clear the pyramid.

The game incorporates both public and private cards, adding a strategic layer to gameplay. One notable feature is the option for players to trade one card facedown with another player. This mechanic introduces elements of strategy and player interaction, requiring players to make decisions based on their assessment of the game situation and their understanding of other players’ strategies. The game is designed to be fast-paced, with each match contributing to the overall progression of the game.

Ultimatch is suitable for players aged 10 and up, supporting 1 to 5 players. Each game session is designed to last approximately 20 minutes. The game is priced at $9.95.

The game is available for preorder. Additionally, it will be showcased at various gaming events, including GAMA Expo, Dice Tower West, UK Games Expo, Origins, and Gen Con, with more events to be announced in the future.