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Fantasy Flight Games To Release “The Dream-Eaters” Expansions for Arkham Horror LCG

Fantasy Flight Games To Release “The Dream-Eaters” Expansions for Arkham Horror LCG

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the much-anticipated return of “The Dream-Eaters,” the latest in its series of expansions for the critically acclaimed Arkham Horror: The Card Game. This repackage of the fifth cycle of content introduces “The Dream-Eaters Investigator Expansion” and “The Dream-Eaters Campaign Expansion,” catering to both new enthusiasts and seasoned veterans of the game. Scheduled for release in May and June, these expansions promise a riveting journey into the Dreamlands, a mystifying realm inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

“The Dream-Eaters” cycle is distinguished by its unique structure, dividing player cards and campaign content between two separate expansions. This allows players to fully immerse themselves in the narrative, whether they are interested in expanding their arsenal of investigators or delving into the game’s rich storyline.

The Investigator Expansion introduces a diverse cast of five new investigators, each bringing their unique abilities to the fore. Notably, Tommy Muldoon, the rookie cop, showcases a resilience to damage and horror, while Luke Robinson, the mystic dreamer, offers unparalleled mobility through his signature location, the Dream-Gate. This expansion also enriches the game with new deckbuilding options, featuring cards with the “myriad” and “bonded” keywords to enhance gameplay variety.

In a twist that sets “The Dream-Eaters” apart from previous cycles, the Campaign Expansion offers not one, but two interconnected narratives: The Dream-Quest and The Web of Dreams. Players can explore these stories separately or weave them into a single, expansive campaign. This dual-narrative approach challenges players to navigate both the whimsical and nightmarish aspects of the Dreamlands, as well as the creeping terror within the waking world of Arkham.

Fantasy Flight Games reassures long-time fans that the repackaged expansions do not contain new content for those who have previously explored “The Dream-Eaters” cycle. However, the reissue presents a perfect opportunity for newcomers to jump into the adventure and for collectors to complete their collections.

Pre-orders for “The Dream-Eaters Investigator Expansion” (AHC78) and “The Dream-Eaters Campaign Expansion” (AH79) are now open. Players are encouraged to secure their copies through local retailers or directly from the Fantasy Flight Games webstore.