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Enviro Games Sets a New Standard in Sustainable Gaming with “Novus Malum”

Enviro Games Sets a New Standard in Sustainable Gaming with “Novus Malum”

Enviro Games Ltd., a new UK-based company, has recently launched its first product, “Novus Malum” (A New Evil), a tabletop miniatures skirmish wargame. Founded by a group of four friends, the company aims to produce games that are both engaging and environmentally sustainable. This move marks an effort to shift the mindset within an industry that traditionally has paid limited attention to its environmental impact.

“Novus Malum,” available for pre-order since December 2023, incorporates several eco-friendly production methods. These include:

  • The use of paper components from sustainably managed forests.
  • Printing processes that avoid oil-based feedstocks.
  • A reduction in the use of oil-based plastic components.
  • The production of miniatures using materials and methods that reduce environmental harm, including the ability to reuse materials typically discarded in standard production processes.

Additionally, Enviro Games has focused on collaborating with local design, printing, and manufacturing partners. This approach not only supports the local economy but also reduces travel requirements and associated environmental impacts.

The company plans to continue developing the environmental aspects of its products as it grows. “Novus Malum” is positioned as a high fantasy, skirmish miniatures wargame that offers players interactive, battlefield-based scenarios. The game’s story involves two warbands: the Knomes of Knarlwood from the Fallen Kingdom and the Dwarves of Anvil Keep from the Royal Kingdom of Konior. The narrative revolves around the Great Shroud, a barrier that has separated the Fallen Kingdom from the rest of Seldar for over three millennia, now showing signs of weakening.

With this launch, Enviro Games Ltd. is positioning itself as a pioneer in the gaming industry, promoting the concept that entertainment can be both fun and environmentally conscious.