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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Iceman Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Iceman Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games has previewed the latest addition to their popular card game, Marvel Champions: The Card Game, with the announcement of the Iceman Hero Pack. This new expansion brings the cool and charismatic X-Men member, Iceman, into the fray of this strategic card game.

Iceman Slides into Action

Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman, is introduced as a new playable hero complete with fifteen signature cards. A founding member of the X-Men known for his ability to generate cold and manipulate ice, Iceman brings a unique set of skills to Marvel Champions. The pack includes a pre-built Aggression deck, allowing players to jump right into the action and put the villain’s forces on ice as soon as they open the box.

Frostbite Upgrades and Slick Abilities

Iceman’s signature ability, “Freeze!”, lets him attach Frostbite upgrades to enemies, reducing their SCH and ATK stats. This ability, combined with cards like Frozen Solid, Ice Wall, and Arctic Attack, allows Iceman to control the battlefield, locking down foes and enabling his allies to handle other threats. Additionally, Iceman has a variety of other skills, including generating Snow Clones, using his Ice Slide for a stat buff, and a Power Belt to help pay for his ice-themed abilities.

Bringing the Heat with Firepower

Despite his icy nature, Iceman’s pre-built deck packs considerable firepower. Characters like Shark-Girl can increase their attack power against enemies with upgrades, and Iceman himself can use Surprise Move for a powerful attack and immediate readiness for further action. The deck also includes cards for threat removal and thwarting player side schemes.

Encounter with Sauron

The Iceman Hero Pack also introduces a new modular encounter set featuring Sauron, a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. This set includes Sauron’s Life Drain ability and the Eye of Sauron, adding a challenging element to any scenario. Players must be cautious and strategic to defeat this formidable foe.

Availability and Pre-Order

The Iceman Hero Pack, symbolizing Iceman’s versatility and status as an iconic X-Men member, is set to launch in May. Players and fans can pre-order their copy at local retailers or online through Fantasy Flight Games’ webstore. This expansion is not just a new character addition; it’s a chance to experience the unique abilities of one of the X-Men’s coolest heroes in the dynamic world of Marvel Champions: The Card Game.