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Metrorunner Board Game Takes Kickstarter by Storm: A Cyberpunk Adventure for Strategy Lovers

Metrorunner Board Game Takes Kickstarter by Storm: A Cyberpunk Adventure for Strategy Lovers

The Kickstarter campaign for “Metrorunner,” a strategy board game set in a gritty cyberpunk city, has captivated the community, already surpassing its goal with $44,982 pledged by 832 backers. With 19 days still remaining and an end date of February 7, the game invites players to hack into the challenging underworld of Mirror City.

Developed for 1-5 players, Metrorunner is a competitive worker-movement and resource-collection game that plunges players into a high-tech neon future. The game is centered around a tile-puzzle mini-game, where players circle the districts of Mirror City on the Metro line, competing for resources and fulfilling contracts for mega-corporations. The objective is to grow influence, gain reputation, and rise above the competition in the city’s power struggle.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

Players navigate the city, avoiding and cutting off other runners, using skills and upgrades to hack into network nodes. A central feature is the manipulation of a tile grid, representing the city’s circuitry, where players alter pathways in an ever-changing puzzle to breach firewalls.

Strategic Depth and Challenges

In Metrorunner, securing influence involves completing jobs, hijacking black market tech, and spending credits strategically. The game’s narrative thrust is about proving oneself as the most influential and notorious runner in the city’s underground market.

Unique Features and Expansions

The Kickstarter campaign also offers the Dropsite mini-expansion, providing new scoring opportunities, and high-tech metal PANOP tiles, enhancing the gameplay experience. These tiles are UV reactive and glow under black light, adding an immersive visual element to the game.

Gameplay Overview

Players move on the Metro rondel, taking actions and spending credits to boost their capabilities. Actions include collecting resources, hacking the network, and claiming job cards. The PANOP tiles are crucial for completing hacks, which in turn yield resources, credits, and notoriety. Completing job cards unlocks bonuses and ongoing abilities, crucial for fulfilling contracts and advancing in the game.

Inside the Box

Metrorunner promises premium components, including chunky punchboard tokens, vibrant plastic runner figures, spot UV printing on the game box, premium linen finish cards, and a custom plastic insert with a lid. The dual-layer runner boards feature slots for job cards and a recessed area for resource cubes, enhancing the tactile experience.

A Fully Stretched Project

The Kickstarter campaign emphasizes that all planned gameplay content is included, and there are no stretch goals since the project is already fully stretched. This approach ensures that backers receive a complete and high-quality game experience.