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Drakerion: Dark Fantasy TCG on Kickstarter Now

Drakerion: Dark Fantasy TCG on Kickstarter Now

Drakerion TCG, a new dark fantasy trading card game, has raised over €79,000 on Kickstarter, surpassing its €40,000 goal with 28 days still remaining in the campaign. Developed by a team of veterans in the trading card game industry, Drakerion TCG offers a unique gameplay experience with straightforward rules, a dynamic game system, and a focus on interaction.

The game features separate decks for resources, allowing for additional dimensions of bluff in the game, and each faction has its own mechanics and visual aspects. The game is designed to be accessible for all collectors, and players can collect alternate arts of their favorite cards with tournaments and events.

Organized play is a cornerstone of Drakerion TCG, with tournaments available at local, national, and global levels. Tournament kits will contain promotional cards, playmats, tokens, counters, and other goodies to foster even more passion for the game. The evolutive storyline will be at the center of organized play, with the story evolving through major tournaments and participants’ votes.

The dark fantasy aesthetic permeates through Drakerion, and the game features short stories about the characters in the game, as well as lore inserts for each card. The game also features Traits of the Characters, allowing players to discover new sub-factions within the kingdoms.

Since the announcement of its existence, Drakerion TCG has received incredible support from the community. The game is currently available on Tabletop Simulator and will be available in local game stores in Q4 of 2023. A tournament management software and deckbuilder will also be available on the official website to foster the community through various platforms.