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FatesEnd GM Screen 2.0 Now on Kickstarter: A 3D-Printed Innovation for Tabletop Gamers

FatesEnd GM Screen 2.0 Now on Kickstarter: A 3D-Printed Innovation for Tabletop Gamers

FatesEnd has introduced its newest offering to the tabletop gaming world with the GM Screen 2.0, now live on Kickstarter. Having already attracted substantial backing with US$ 11,491 pledged of its US$ 500 goal from 416 backers, the campaign is set to conclude on February 6. This product emphasizes a blend of artistry, functionality, and innovation, catering to Game Masters, players, and hobby enthusiasts alike.

Digital Design for Modern Gamers

The FatesEnd GM Screen 2.0 is a three-panel design, incorporating two dice towers with distinct functionalities – one for private rolls by the GM and another for rolls visible to players. The central panel measures 8×7 inches, flanked by a 4×7 inch panel on each side. These screens are more than just visual barriers; they are functional tools designed to enhance the gaming experience. Styles range from Master’s Citadel to Delver’s Dungeon, each tailored to set the mood for various gaming scenarios.

Customizable and Modular Features

Notably, the GM Screen 2.0 is equipped with a unique hex pegboard on the backside, serving dual purposes as an organizer and a paint holder. It comes with several accessories, including shelves for miniatures, baskets for dice, initiative trackers, a dragon magnet for note-keeping, a cup for pens or paintbrushes, and Citadel Paint shelves, transforming it into a versatile station for gaming and painting.

3D Printing Accessibility

A key aspect of the FatesEnd GM Screen 2.0 is its availability as digital files (.STL format), enabling 3D printing enthusiasts to print and customize their screens. The campaign offers free STL files, ensuring ease of access and printing. The design has undergone extensive testing to guarantee quality and printing ease, with a focus on eliminating the need for supports during the printing process.

Stretch Goals and Campaign Details

The campaign also teases potential unlocks for Loot-All+ backers in its Milestones section. Following the campaign’s conclusion, the files will be released, and any unlocked stretch goals will be made available according to a production schedule.

Embracing Modern Technology in Gaming

The FatesEnd GM Screen 2.0 represents a step forward in the integration of 3D printing technology with traditional tabletop gaming, offering a customizable and innovative solution for Game Masters and players. With its successful Kickstarter campaign, FatesEnd is poised to transform the gaming experience, blending modern technology with the timeless appeal of role-playing games.