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Games Workshop Announces Blood Angels Upgrades for Heresy Thursday

Games Workshop Announces Blood Angels Upgrades for Heresy Thursday

Games Workshop has shared a new resin upgrade pack for the Blood Angels Legion, adding more depth and customization to their “Warhammer 40,000” tabletop game. This announcement, part of their Heresy Thursday series, allows players to replicate the distinct style of the Blood Angels on the tabletop, reflecting the Legion’s unique wargear and craftsmanship from the era of the Great Crusade and the subsequent civil war.

Detailed Customization for Legiones Astartes

The resin upgrade pack specifically caters to the IX Legion, featuring a range of weapons that embody the Blood Angels’ aesthetic. Included in the pack are three bolters adorned with the winged motif characteristic of the Blood Angels, two inferno pistols, and an Iliastus assault cannon. The Iliastus model is a compact and portable prototype based on the larger Kheres pattern, showcasing the innovative weapon design of the period.

‘Perdition’ Weapons and Tank Upgrades

In addition to the handheld arsenal, the pack includes four ‘Perdition’ weapons. These master-crafted weapons, equipped with built-in flame projectors, reflect the brutal and efficient combat style developed during the dark times of Old Earth and perfected by the Blood Angels. Furthermore, the Blood Angels techmarines’ tradition of fitting Iliastus assault cannons to tanks, including the Baal Predators, is acknowledged with options for upgrading tanks with these formidable armaments.

Resin Predator Upgrade Pack

The Blood Angels Predator upgrade pack, also made of Forge World resin, allows players to upgrade their tanks with the same powerful weapons. This pack offers enthusiasts the opportunity to bring a hail of withering fire to the battlefield, staying true to the Blood Angels’ feared reputation.

Availability and Expert Crafting

These upgrade kits, expertly crafted from Forge World resin, are set to be released later this year. They represent Games Workshop’s commitment to providing high-quality, detailed components that enhance the gaming experience for “Warhammer 40,000” players and collectors alike.