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Uchibacoya Launches Crowdfunding for “Ostia Pirates” Expansion

Uchibacoya Launches Crowdfunding for “Ostia Pirates” Expansion

Uchibacoya, the Japanese board game publisher, has announced the initiation of its crowdfunding campaign for “Ostia Pirates” on February 27th at 7 AM ET. This expansion introduces an adventurous setting in the ancient Roman port of Ostia, focusing on the challenges of piracy and trade.

Designed for 2 to 4 players, “Ostia Pirates” adds to the gameplay of its predecessor “Ostia,” a game that integrates the Mancala mechanism for action selection and offers a variety of ways to earn victory points including ship movement, construction, and provisioning for the city’s citizens.

The “Ostia Pirates” expansion brings new elements into play, incorporating the threat of pirate ships among other challenges. Players are tasked with gathering resources such as weapons and soldiers to defend their ventures and claim treasure, introducing a layer of strategic depth to the game.

This expansion includes four new features: Pirates, Trajan’s Market, Patrons & Origins, and the Ostia Cityscape, each designed to enhance the strategic experience and player interaction. The addition of these elements aims to provide a varied and engaging gameplay experience.

“Ostia Pirates” is noted for its quality components, including detailed wooden pirate ships, treasure chests, and soldier pieces, which aim to enrich the visual and tactile experience of the game. The expansion continues to utilize the Mancala system, building on the original game’s trading and route-building mechanics.

With the launch of its crowdfunding campaign, Uchibacoya seeks to bring “Ostia Pirates” to a wider audience, offering an expanded gaming experience to fans of the original “Ostia” game and newcomers alike.