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Mantic Games Revives ‘The Walking Dead: All Out War’ Board Game with New Content and Minis

Mantic Games Revives ‘The Walking Dead: All Out War’ Board Game with New Content and Minis

Mantic Games has announced the revival of ‘The Walking Dead: All Out War’ board game. After a period of anticipation, the game, based on the popular comic series, is set to make a grand comeback, much to the delight of its dedicated fan base.

The relaunch, developed in collaboration with Skybound, will kick off with a new wave of releases. These releases are poised to rekindle the cherished gaming experiences of long-time players, while also attracting new fans to the fold. The next wave will focus on the Commonwealth, a network of survivors known for their organized military and class-driven societal issues, as depicted in the comic series.

Mantic Games is exploring innovative ways to launch the Commonwealth wave, including a heroes pack from this story arc and a pack of Commonwealth troopers, similar to the previous Whisperers release. These new additions promise to add depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

Recognizing the demand from players who missed out on earlier releases, Mantic Games is also devising solutions to make the game more accessible to newcomers and allow existing players to complete their collections. The team is currently finalizing the details, with pre-orders expected to go live in early 2024.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Mantic Games is committed to continuing the story, promising further waves of content as long as the community’s enthusiasm persists. The company acknowledges the crucial role of the game’s dedicated fans in renewing this license and plans to actively engage with the community for future developments.

While waiting for the new content, players are encouraged to revisit the original game and enjoy its unique blend of strategy and survival horror. In addition, Mantic Games recommends a new, fast, and easy-to-learn game featuring art from the original comics. This game is designed to immerse players in the world of ‘The Walking Dead’ with a twist on the push-your-luck mechanics found in other Mantic games.

Ronnie and the Mantic Games team express their gratitude for the community’s support, which has been instrumental in bringing back ‘The Walking Dead: All Out War.’ They invite players to gear up for a spectacular return of the beloved zombie story, promising an engaging experience right on their tabletops.