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Savage Worlds 20th Anniversary Celebration Hits Kickstarter: New Updated Edition and Accessories

Savage Worlds 20th Anniversary Celebration Hits Kickstarter: New Updated Edition and Accessories

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Savage Worlds, one of the most adored tabletop role-playing game systems worldwide, has launched an updated 5th printing of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition on Kickstarter. The campaign, spearheaded by game creator Shane Hensley, has already generated an impressive US$72,632, surpassing its initial goal of US$6,000, with 29 days still remaining.

Since its first publication in 2003, Savage Worlds, with its tagline ‘Fast! Furious! Fun!’, has been a global favorite in the gaming community. The system, known for its versatility and ability to accommodate various settings, now boasts a wide range of licensed products, original settings, and eleven official translations.

The campaign introduces the fifth printing of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, incorporating the latest updates from the previous editions. “Like most gamers, I get excited about new adventures to create and new worlds to explore constantly,” said Hensley. “The contributions of people like Clint Black, among dozens of others over the last 20 years, have really made the game shine.”

To mark the anniversary, a new product, the Player’s Book, is being introduced. This full-color softback book, which comes with five different cover arts, encapsulates all the information players need for an immersive gaming experience.

In addition to the Player’s Book, the Kickstarter campaign also presents a new Savage Worlds Accessory Box, a treasure trove of gaming essentials for the Game Master. This box includes an Action Deck, three punchboard sheets with tokens & templates, four Power Point counters, Status Cards, an exclusive new dice set (6 polyhedrals + 4 wild dice), twenty-five Bennies, and four Conviction Tokens.

The overwhelming support from the gaming community clearly indicates the love for the Savage Worlds system. Hensley’s team is committed to honoring this support by offering backers a chance to be a part of the 20th anniversary celebration. Whether you are a fan of Savage Worlds or are new to the system, this Kickstarter campaign provides an opportunity to jump into some Fast! Furious! Fun! gaming.