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Free League Publishing to Release “The Dragonbane Bestiary” on February 27

Free League Publishing to Release “The Dragonbane Bestiary” on February 27

Scheduled for release on February 27, “The Dragonbane Bestiary,” published by Free League Publishing, is the latest addition to the Dragonbane fantasy RPG series. The bestiary features a comprehensive collection of 63 creatures, each detailed in both text and art.

Compiled by Theodora Sneezewort, the bestiary includes a variety of creatures like cat people, chimeras, fairies, frog people, hippogriffs, and hydras. The book also introduces nine new playable kin, expanding the options for players. The inclusion of a random encounter and an adventure seed in the book offers additional gameplay possibilities.

Artists Johan Egerkrans and David Brasgalla have illustrated the bestiary, which will be available in a full-color hardcover edition. A premium Collector’s Edition with a faux leather cover and gold foil print will also be available.

Coinciding with the bestiary’s release, a separate cardboard Standee Set for the creatures will be launched. This set, intended for use on battle maps, will be sold separately.

Pre-orders for both the Dragonbane Bestiary and the Standee Set are currently open in the Free League webstore. Those who pre-order will receive immediate access to a complete PDF of the Bestiary.

Additionally, Free League Publishing is releasing a hardback version of the Dragonbane Rulebook. This edition will be available in both standard and premium Collector’s formats. The hardback version contains the same content as the softcover rulebook in the Dragonbane Core Set, plus an added introductory adventure, “The Castle of the Robber Knight”. Pre-orders for the Rulebook are also available, offering immediate PDF access upon purchase.