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Paizo Unveils “Portfolio Reviews” at PaizoCon Online 2023 for Aspiring Illustrators

Paizo Unveils “Portfolio Reviews” at PaizoCon Online 2023 for Aspiring Illustrators

Get ready to showcase your artistic flair to the professionals! Paizo, the renowned RPG company, is offering a unique opportunity for illustrators to receive insightful feedback on their work from their expert art directors during PaizoCon Online 2023. This initiative is set to assist budding artists to refine their talents and to provide them a deeper understanding of Paizo’s aesthetic expectations.

Paizo’s Portfolio Reviews is scheduled for Friday, May 26th, from 10 am to 3 pm. Participants will have a 10-minute window where their work will be constructively critiqued by Paizo’s team. Pre-registration is currently open for ticket holders, and will later be extended to all interested individuals.

To sign up for this invaluable opportunity, participants need to select one of the links correlating to a Paizo Art Director. Next, select the highlighted date on the Calendar and pick one of the available times. The final steps involve filling in personal details and providing a link to the portfolio.

The guidelines for the Portfolio Reviews stipulate that the process will be conducted over Discord, hence participants are encouraged to remember their designated time slots to avoid overlapping with others’ reviews. Each participant is limited to one art director, to ensure as many individuals as possible can benefit from this opportunity. All participants should also provide a link to their portfolio, allowing the Paizo team to review their work in advance. The company has specifically requested no AI-generated artwork for this review.

Paizo is excited to see the unique vision of each illustrator and is committed to helping artists evolve their talents. This Portfolio Review event is indeed a great chance for artists to learn from the industry’s experts and receive personalized feedback to hone their skills further. Don’t miss this chance to put your work in front of the art directors at Paizo.