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Knight Models Unveils Game of Thrones Miniatures Game, Invites Fans to Battle for the Iron Throne

Knight Models Unveils Game of Thrones Miniatures Game, Invites Fans to Battle for the Iron Throne

In a recent announcement, Knight Models has revealed their latest venture into the world of tabletop gaming – a Game of Thrones Miniatures Game. This new game promises to deliver an immersive skirmish experience set in the vivid and treacherous universe of the famed Game of Thrones series.

Slated for release in just a few days, the game will initially feature two of the most iconic houses from the series – the valiant Stark family and the strategically adept Lannister house. Players will have the opportunity to lead these houses into battle, each with their unique strengths and mottos. The Starks, embodying their motto “Winter is Coming,” will bring honor and loyalty to the fore, while the Lannisters, with “Hear Me Roar” as their rallying cry, will showcase their unyielding quest for power.

What sets this game apart is the meticulous attention to detail in the miniatures. Knight Models promises that each figure, from charismatic leaders to brave soldiers, is crafted as a masterpiece, capturing the essence of beloved Game of Thrones characters. This level of detail is expected to provide a gaming experience that is not just strategic but also visually stunning.

The game is more than just a clash of houses; it’s a quest for the ultimate prize – the Iron Throne. Players will find themselves delving deep into strategies and battles, each move bringing them closer to ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

Knight Models is urging fans not to miss this unique opportunity to be part of Westeros’s history. With preorders now open, enthusiasts are encouraged to act quickly to be among the first to experience this unparalleled gaming adventure. The company’s call to action is clear and enticing: “Click now to reserve your throne and start the battle for Game of Thrones supremacy! Your empire awaits. Are you ready to claim it? Don’t be left behind; the conquest begins soon!”


Saturday 24th of February 2024

A Songs of ice and fire (ASOIAF) at army scale and soon ASOIAF tactics - its skirmish counterpart - already take place in R.R. Martin's universe. Even though I imagine the game systems will be different, is it reasonable to have so many games in the same universe ?


Thursday 1st of February 2024

Is this entire article just the contents of the press release, or is this paid content?


Wednesday 31st of January 2024

Knight Models is a terrible company. Visit kickstarter and read the comments from the supporters of Catch the Snitch if you want to know how they treat customers!