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Corvus Belli Releases Infinity N4 v2.0 Rules Update

Corvus Belli Releases Infinity N4 v2.0 Rules Update

Corvus Belli has released an important update to their popular game, Infinity, with the announcement of the Infinity N4 v2.0 rules. Designed to make the game more comprehensive and intuitive, this update integrates several changes and modifications that make it the most complete version of the game to date.

The development team at Corvus Belli has labored diligently to produce a unified document that incorporates both the annex document, which features special rules and Fireteams, and various issues stemming from the frequently asked questions (FAQ). Additionally, the update corrects errata in the document and introduces changes to the wording for better clarity.

One significant clarification pertains to the rule of Dodge Roll and whether it opposes an Attack of Berserk. Other additions include the explanation of how attribute values in Saving Rolls interact with Bioimmunity, and further details on the Impetuous Movement rule.

The wording around the rule of Loss of Lieutenant has been refined, explicitly stating that the rule does not apply if the Lieutenant is on the board, even in marker form. This clarification resolves any ambiguity surrounding the deployment of the Lieutenant in camouflage.

The update also clarifies the interactions of certain skills such as Hidden Deployment and Holoprojector and Mnemonica and Lieutenants with the +1 Order MOD or Neurocinetics with MOD to B.

A major revision from the FAQ incorporated in this version is the change in the Order Expenditure Sequence. The update allows the Active Troop to check the Enemy ARO by checking the Zone of Control. The exact point in the Order Expenditure Sequence when Dodging or Alert takes effect has also been defined.

Another significant adjustment lies in the rules for measuring Climbing and Jumping movements, designed to simplify and facilitate these special maneuvers. A rule from the previous ITS season, which permitted Impetious Troops on Motorbikes to either retain their Impetuous status or lose it to benefit from the Cover MOD, has been made permanent.

Further, the wording for the Total Control rule and the Possessed State rule has been clarified to define the implications for TAGs without a Pilot or with destroyed Remote Pilots. The update also covers whether a Pilot can mount or dismount while their TAG is in this state.

Lastly, the v2.0 rules update introduces an element of intrigue when using troops with HoloMasks. The Composition bonuses of Fireteams will remain private information until the player declares any skills benefiting from these bonuses.