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Mantic Games Releases New Armada Miniatures: Trident Realm Pre-Orders Now Available!

Mantic Games Releases New Armada Miniatures: Trident Realm Pre-Orders Now Available!

Mantic Games has released their latest catch, the new Armada miniatures, and it’s a real catch of the day! The Trident Realm pre-orders are now open, offering gamers and collectors the chance to create their own incredible stories with the latest addition to the Armada miniatures range.

The Trident Realm starter fleet is the stalwart of the fleet, featuring giant squids, turtles with huge guns mounted on their shells, and chariots pulled by great knuckers. These armies have adapted to the intrusion of land-dwellers upon their waters and trained giant creatures of the ocean depths in the art of warfare. The starter set is perfect for those who want to dive right into the action and experience the thrill of naval combat.

The booster fleet includes a gun turtle, a Kyr-Angler fish, and two Wyrm-drawn sloops, making it the perfect addition to the starter fleet. Utilizing their natural gifts, the giant Kyr-Angler is able to blind opponents, while the ensnaring nets of the Wrym-drawn sloops cause havoc amongst the enemy’s crews.

The Trident Realm Tidal Terrors Booster draws smaller creatures to the fleets of the Trident Realm, fighting alongside their larger kin and supporting their attacks. This set includes a greater water elemental and a giant giga, along with MDF bases and ship cards.

The Trident Realm Leviathan is a rare and monstrous whale known as Leviathans and for good reason. They match the largest ships of the land-dwelling nations for size and bulk, as well as aggression. The set allows you to build two different variants, making it perfect for gamers and collectors alike.

All sets come with MDF bases and ship cards, providing everything you need to get started. Pre-orders for the Trident Realm miniatures will start shipping from March 20th, giving fans plenty of time to get their orders in and prepare for the next wave of Armada miniatures. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new recruit to the Armada miniatures range, the Trident Realm pre-orders are not to be missed!